Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sitka mist settles over the sound like a fine woven blanket

What a wierd couple of days...

Woke Sunday morning as the full moon moved close to the horizon, shining across the slight ripples in the sound. Then, before I could get my camera, it was gone, replaced by a thinly woven blanket of fog that eventually thickened to pea soup.

Yesterday morn no moon, the sound was smooth as glass, the eagles reflections showing as they soared overhead, again, within moments, the fog had moved in.

Today, a light layering of mist hugged the islands across the way, while somewhere behind, the moon or the sun hid creating wierd reflections on the water just around that one small island. Sea gulls flew over, silent.

I considered trying to catch it on film, but knew that no camera had the ability to capture the serene beauty of this morning.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I hate sounding like a broken record, but...

Got up this morning, put on the coffee and walked outside. Okay, so the water is like glass, the volcano is crisp and clear and there just happens to be a full moon rising silver in morning light. In housecoat and slippers, I grab my camera and go on the porch and start shooting.

9, 8, 6.5, I keep changing my aperture to see which is working best. Love digital cameras because I can switch back and actually see the photo and make immediate changes.

Got to get closer. Looking around to see if anyone is about, I slip off the porch to the rocks and shoot. Wish an eagle would fly by or a sea lion would pop their head up to add interest to the pic, oh well, it's beautiful all by itself.

Need to get inside and get ready for my busy day-one more shot, well, maybe two...

An eagle does fly by, but I miss it. Digital cameras are slow, that's one draw back.

Back inside, I cuddle with a cup of coffee watching the moon as it continues its path behind the clouds. I notice a ripple on the surface a sea lion, no too small, maybe an otter. The camera... nah, think I'll just stay here with my coffee and enjoy the view....

Photos here....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Boats, boats and an occassional whale

Okay, so today is pretty. I got up at 5 this morning to the moon sparkling across the water so bright that at first I thought it was a spotlight from a passing boat. Tons of boats coming in now to get set in case they call the herring fishery is called today. So scenic. Everyday they are testing the roe, measuring the fish, getting ready for the next call. Amazing that such tiny fish can be such a big haul money-wise for so many fishermen.

Photos here.... go to and see photos!

Well, time is short today, so on my way. Have a wonderful day!