Friday, November 10, 2017

Sharon's Rambling... Nov 2017

Here it is November, isn't that crazy? What a busy busy year! 

As most of you know, I sold my business this year and have been adjusting to being a free-agent. Hard adjustment for me as I've always had a business it seems and my last one, managing vacation rentals in Sitka, Alaska, kept me tied to the desk and phone for hours on end. 

Suddenly having all this free time on my hands, you'd think my house would be spotlessly clean, and I'd get around to writing more ramblings, and perhaps, even that book I've talked about for years, but, no, Linda Simmons, my house is still a mess, and the ramblings are written only scatteringly here and there, in between my time in the yard. 

 I have planted.... drumroll... Over 30 new plants in our yard this summer. I have had butterflies coming out the ying-yang, and blooms.. Oh my! This is the first summer I've been here to enjoy my garden, and I really have.

My roses have been amazing, my ginger lilies, my gardenias.. they were wonderful this year! And, my passionflower (right) It's been great!

Oh, and the ducks.. In April, for his birthday, CH wanted chickens, so he got eight chickens, that was good, but while there, I had to resist the temptation of the baby ducks. So... blasted cute. Couple days later, here comes our son, Dan, with two baby ducks.. HeVac and SheVac, they were later named. I love my ducks. 💓 So much so, we tried our hand at incubating and have one that is partially out of its shell right now! Very excited!

It's weird, I've been tied to the computer pretty much since the early 90s when I started the Sitka Soup, but now, I have to beat me to get myself to sit here for very long. Anyway, let me tell you what I've been up to in my time away... 

Let's see... In July CH I went over to St. Augustine for a few days camping, that was fun, and brought back a lot of good memories of our younger days camping on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. Then in August, we were lucky enough to get a camping spot at Bahia Honda State Park in Big Pine Key, right on the water, wonderful, wonderful! 

We were sleeping in our van for these camp outs, so decided to  explore buying a camper. We've often talked about buying a teardrop camper, because it cute, yes, but also because it's lightweight so we could still get offroad, like we like to do, so... we found Honey Badger Campers out of Lithia Florida and started checking them out. Next thing we know, he has one that's already detailed and ready to go, so here we are in October, pulling away with our camper. Very excited for the future adventures. 

Next weekend, we'll be going to the Tiny Home Festival in St. Augustine with it, VERY excited about that!

Well, I could talk a lot longer. Love to show you our eggs as the chickens and ducks are laying, some more of my new flowers, and so much more, but can only sit at the computer so long, so off I go till next time! 

Happy Rambling, Everyone!!